Catering Menu


Natural Oysters…$3

-served with fresh lemon, finger lime salsa or wakame seaweed

Oysters Kilpatrick…$4

-served cooked with streaky bacon and Worcestershire sauce

Red Snapper Ceviche…$6

-chilli, lemon, shallots, capsicum, coriander and lime juice

Tuna Tartare…$9

-served on fresh cucumber with chives, dill, radish and micro shiso

King Ora Salmon Tartare…$9

-served with nori cracker with bonito cream, salmon roe, wasabi and micro coriander

Kingfish Tartare…$9

-served with seaweed ,finger lime, fish roe and horseradish

Smoked Salmon Canape…$5

-served on rye bread with capers, fresh dill and Spanish onions salsa

Prawn Cocktail…$9

-served in bamboo cone with avocado and baby cos lettuce

Beetroot Cured King Ora Salmon…$9

-served with apple and fennel salad

Zucchini and Brown Rice Salad…$5

-fresh and grilled zucchini with brown rice, walnuts, shitake and chimichurri

Caprese Salad…$5

-cherry tomatoes, baby bocconcini, basil

Caesar Salad…$6

-iceberg, boiled egg, anchovy, parmesan, pancetta, Caesar dressing

Chilli Snapper Croquettes…$4

-black bean and lime cream

Prawn Gyoza…$4

-shiso and wasabi sauce

Korean Fried Chicken Slider…$7

-served with kimchi, gojuchang mayo and steamed Asian greens

Pulled Pork Slider…$7

-served with red cabbage and fennel slaw, crackling, BBQ sauce

Crunchy Fish Slider…$6

-iceberg, tartare sauce, rocket

Portobello Mushroom Slider…$6

-grilled mushroom, aged cheddar, rocket

Wagyu Slider…$7

-premium wagyu, aged cheddar, streaky bacon, smoked maple syrup, iceberg, tomato, pickles, BBQ sauce, aioli, 

Lobster Roll…$10

-saffron, dill, kewpie, chives and coriander

Chilli Prawn Mini Roll

-grilled Australian prawns with cocktail sauce, rocket, coriander and chilli

Smoked Fish Nori Taco…$5

-home made cured and smoked fish, wasabi cream, peas sprouts and black sesame

Scallop Bruschetta…$10

-grilled fresh scallops with zucchini and sun dried tomatoes salsa and bacon mayo

Chicken Ribs…$6

-crunchy fried chicken with soy and ginger honey,sesame and kewpie

Thai chicken skewer…$5

-grilled and served with fresh herbs and chilli

Chicken Larb Kai…$6

-traditional Thai chicken salad served in iceberg lettuce cup

Grilled Fresh Jumbo Prawn…$8

-fresh Clarence River Jumbo Prawn, pepper berry, micro herbs

Fish & Chips…$10

-served in a cone or small tray, smaller serve

 Grilled Seafood Lettuce Cup…$14

-served in radicchio lettuce with peas tendrills, rocket and sweet peas

Grilled Premium Wagyu Beef…$21

-wasabi and pickled daikon salad, rice cracker

Urchin Roe Nigiri…$21

-fresh sea urchin roe served on the bed of sushi rice

Grilled Lobster Tail…$24

-1/2 lobster tail grilled with garlic and herbs

Cold Seafood Platter…$180

-cooked Qld prawns, fresh oysters, cooked WA lobster tail, NZ scampi, VIC scallop ceviche served on a platter for 6-8 ppl