Catering Menu

Freshly Shucked Oysetrs/served natural with lemon or Champagne Vinaigrette or Kilpatrick
Chilli Prawn Dumplings/home made hand rolled SA prawn dumplings served with shiso oil and micro
Chilli Snapper Croquettes/served with black bean mayo,chilli and lime
Grilled Scallop/served with XO and scallions
Snapper Ceviche/coriander,lemon,chilli,capsicum,lime,shallots
Salmon Taratare/King Ora NZ salmon,chives,lemon.bonito,micro herbs
Tuna Tartare/Tuna,horseradish,chives,lemon gel

Fish & Chips/Australian fresh white fish,tartare sauce,garden leaf salad
Salt’Pepper Calamari/NZ or Australian calamari,rocket,aioli
Barramundi Burger/Australian barramundi,tartare sauce,iceberg,rocket aioli,potato crisp
Fisherman’s Basket/mix of Austarlian seafood served with tartare sauce and chips

Lobster Roll/butter poached WA Lobster,served in toasted soft brioche roll with dill and saffron kewpie
and chives
Grilled Octopus/chargrilled Australian Octopus served on charred bruschetta with sun dried tomato,capers
and rocket
Grilled Sardines/Lakes Entrance Sardines served on charred toast with rocket salad and lemon aioli

Grilled Barramundi/Australian fresh barramundi grilled and served with garden salad,sun dried tomato
salsa and garlic bread
Grilled Salmon/NZ salmon served with garden leaf and spinach salad
Grilled Seafood MIX/Australian prawn,calamari,scallop,fish grilled and served with Greek salad
Grilled Chilli Prawns/Australian prawns marinated in chilli,grilled,served with chilli and lime mayo,
rocket and garlic bread
Grilled Calamari/Australian calamari grilled with garlic and parsley served with aioli,rocket and garlic
Chilli Prawns Lettuce Cup/iceberg lettuce cup with prawn skewers,chilli and lime mayonaisse
Scallop Bruschetta/grilled fresh scallops with chilli,zucchini and sun dried tomatoes salsa and bacon
mayo served on toasted Italian bread
Grilled Lobster Tail/Australian lobster grilled with garlic and parsley butter,served with rocket,char
grilled corn and garlic bread

Wagyu Cheeseburger/premium wagyu,vintage cheddar,caramelized onion,mapled streaky
bacon,lettuce,tomato,BBQ sauce,aioli,tomato sauce,pickles
Pulled Pork Burger/free range pork,red cabbage and fennel slaw,BBQ sauce,jalapenos
Brisket Roll/smoked brisket,coleslaw,horsradish mayo
Pork Belly Roll/apple and fennel slaw,mustard mayo,rocket
Philly Cheesesteak/grilled beef,provolone,caramelised onion
Smoked Hock Roll/smoked pork hock,dijon mustard,horseradish,saurekraut
Pulled Lamb Burger/slow smoked pulled lamb shoulder,mint yoghurt,rocket,black pepper mayo
-all burgers are available as sliders too

Korean Fried Chicken/served with gochujang,sesame,kimchi and chips
Southern Fried Chicken/served with hot cajun sauce,spring onion and chips
Katsu Chicken/panko crumbed,served with red miso kewpie and chips
Smoked & Fried Chicken/served with chilli mayo and chips
Fried Chicken Ribs/crunchy tempura,rice flakes,soy & ginger honey

Popcorn Cauliflower/panko crumbed,served with tartare sauce and chives
Broccoli & Mozzarella Croquettes/served with spinach and broccoli puree
Zucchini Fritters/Served with Iceberg lettuce and sun dried tomato salsa
Portobello Mushroom Burger or Slider /panko crumbed fried mushroom,iceberg,tomato,aioli,chilli

Greek Salad/tomato,cucumber,lettuce,red onion,black olives,feta
Brown Rice & Zucchini Salad/brown rice,zucchini,parsley,shitake,walnuts,puffed rice
Spinach & Beetroot Salad/baby spinach,beetroot,blueberries,pine nuts,feta
Mediterranean Beans Salad/mixed beans,chickpeas,sun dried tomato,parsley,red onion
Quinoa Salad/quinoa,herbs,baby carrots,grilled onions,baby spinach
Caesar Salad/iceberg,egg,anchovy,parmesan,croutons
Caprese Salad/tomato,buffalo mozzarella,basil,olive oil


Natural Oysters
Chilli Prawn Dumplings
Broccoli & Mozzarella Croquettes
Mini Caprese
Korean Fried Chicken Slider
Popcorn Cauliflower
Calamari Cone
Zucchini Fritters
Mini Caprese
Mushroom Slider
Chilli Prawns Lettuce Cup
Scallop Bruschetta
Fish & Chips

Quinoa Salad
Katsu Chicken
Wagyu Slider
Pork Belly Roll
Spinach And Beetroot Salad

Chilli Snapper Croquettes
Prawn Dumplings
Crunchy Fish Slider
Mushroom Slider
Brown Rice & Zucchini Salad
Scallop Bruschetta
Mediterranean Beans Salad
Popcorn Cauliflower
Broccoli & Mozzarella Croquettes
Chicken Ribs